Energy Efficiency – Romania-Serbia

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Project “Energy efficiency-The Premise of a Better Environment in Romania-Serbia Cross-Border Area”

Within the first call for proposals of the Interreg-IPA CBC Romania-Serbia Programme, for the financial period 2014-2020. City of Pancevo and Municipality of Resita handed in a project proposal on the 01.02.2016. The project passed technical control, first of all and then the evaluation, when it was graded with a high score of 90.5 points in December 2016. The Subsidy  Contract was signed by the Managing Authority of the Programme 25.05.2017.

The project will be implemented within the Program priority-Environmental protection and risk management, specific objective- Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources.The Project objective is contribution to energy efficiency, renewable energy use and reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG). Total value of the project is € 1.353.167, City of Pancevo budget is € 792.776, Municipality of Resita budget is € 560.391. This objective will be achived through investments into buildings on both sides of the border and several promotional and educational activities on the topic of energy efficiency and renewable energy resources. One of joint results on the project will be a Study concerning renewable energy innovative solutions to be applied at cross border level.

The City of Pancevo will upgrade the heating and cooling system of its Sports hall, insulate the walls and the roof and replace the joinery. After the works are done, the Sports hall will go from energy grade E to energy grade C. Municipality of Resita will install solar panels for domestic hot water heating on the roof of the Health and sports complex, which will reduce gas consumption for 26.600m³ / annually, and 54.200kg of CO2 / annually for water heating.

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