Workshop “Exchange of experience and presentation of good practice examples” was held as an activity of the project “Energy efficiency – precondition for a better environment in the cross-border region Romania-Serbia”.

The workshop was organized by team members for project implementation from Pančevo  for the cross-border partners and their colleagues from the City of Rešice, Romania.

Andjela Vila, responsible for the implementation of the project in front of the city of Pančevo, presented all the steps regarding this project, from project preparation and technical documentation, application to implementation. She talked about the new experience of preparing and implementing infrastructure projects.

Olivera Dragas, Technical Expert on the project, talked about the performed works on the Sports Hall, Biljana Djordan, the Energy Manager of the city of Pancevo presented the energy management system of the city of Pancevo, and Zoran Bozanic, the Technical Director of “JKP Grejanje” led the participants to the on site visit of the solar field, the result of project “banat sun 4 all”, also financed through the IPA cross-border cooperation program Romania-Serbia.

All participants agreed that the obstacles they encountered during the implementation of project activities, in connection with the execution of works, are very similar on both sides of the border. The need to comply with domestic laws and procedures, parallel to those prescribed by the EU Subsidy Contract, makes the implementation extremely complex.