The official handover of the rehabilitation works at the Sports Hall in Pancevo was held on Friday, September 28, 2018 in the presence of Mayor Sasa Pavlov, members of the project implementation team, guests from Romania, contractor and supervisor body.

Respecting the deadlines and modern standards in construction, the old waterproofing insulation was replaced with thermal insulation of walls and roof. Complete joinery was replaced, a new air conditioning chamber and two heat pumps were installed. The new air conditioning chamber, unlike the old ones, will enable cooling of the Sports hall, while heat pumps will enable the energy efficiency of the entire system.

On the roof, new waterproofing and thermal insulation was installed with the use of a modern multi layer synthetic membrane under which 10 cm thick pressed stone wool was placed. On the side walls of the Hall, a ventilated aluminum facade of a sandwich panel with 10 cm stone wool was installed. The same panels were also used for insulation of the roof of the annex, while on the walls of the annexes a demit facade was installed with a thermal insulation of 10 cm thick stone wool.

All the works will bring the building from energy class E into C, provide much better conditions for athletes and spectators, while the local self-government will reduce maintenance costs through reduced heating and cooling bills.

The contractor is Alfaco Inzenjering from Cacak, who got a contract on an international tender published under the PRAG procedure for financing the external activities of the European Union.