So far, 70% of the planned works have been done. In order to dismantle the old brick air conditioning chamber from 1969, it was necessary to  excavate and demolish access hall of the building annex. Now, a new air conditioning chamber and associated equipment for the new heating and cooling system, as well as a prefabricated pipeline are installed. Part of this system are heat pumps that are mounted on a concrete foundation beside the building. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the new system, cleaning of all existing ventilation channels has been done.

Installation of all facade panels (thermal insulation and aluminum facade walls) on the side walls of the building and joinery above the court is completed. Work on the demit facade, the processing of concrete elements on the building, finishing works around the thermal insulation panels and the joinery is underway. Roof panels for annex hall have been delivered and installation is planned later in August, together with PVC membrane with insulation of 10 cm on the roof of the main building of the Sports hall.