Sports event “Green Sport” was held in Resita, 29-30.07.2019. year, was held. Children from the town of Resita, Romania, hosted children from the TRIATLON CLUB “TAMIS” and the SWIMMING CLUB “DINAMO”, from Pancevo.

During the two-day gathering, the children visited the Zoo, the cinema and participated in the sports competition.

Two teams competed (mixed groups of boys and girls), each consisting of 30 competitors (swimming, running and cycling). The relay competition started with swimming, who handed the  baton to the runners, who took it to a nearby sports center, running symbolically 1 km, where they were greeted by cyclists, who finished the race by riding one lap around the stadium.

In this competition. it was only important to participate , because in the end everyone was a winner and a medal shone around the neck of each participant.