Main advantages:
– Abundant premium quality agricultural land: 62,700 ha – 83% of total land
– Favorable natural conditions for vegetable & fruit cultivation
– Well-developed grain milling industry
– Cooperatives with considerable agricultural land
– Wide network of potential local suppliers
– Great number of companies, SMEs, local farmers
– High export share
– Lower transportation costs – due to direct access to premium raw material base
– North Industrial Zone – Greenfield locations suitable for setting-up agribusiness processing companies


Cereal & Vegetable Processing

Cereal Processing:
– Most common crops: maize, wheat, sunflower, sugar beet, soy, rapeseed
– Total number of registered farmers – 4,742
– Successful companies: Almeks, Jabuka, Skrobara, AD Ratar, Graneksport

Vegetable Processing:
– Most common vegetables: paprika – 29 ha, tomato – 10.5 ha, other – 42.5 ha
– Total number of registered farmers – 3,178
– Associations: Vegetable producers Glogonj, Banatski Brestovac
– Investment opportunities: grain tanks, cold storage, drier


Meat & Dairy

Main advantages:
– Most common livestock breeding:
cattle: East Friesian, Holstein;
pig: Yorkshire and Swedish Landrace;
sheep: Tsigai;
poultry: breeding flock, broilers and table eggs.
– Total number of registered farmers for livestock breeding – 4,745
– Great number of livestock farms suitable for biomass.



Main advantages:
– The city of Pancevo – the biggest petro-chemical center in the Balkans
– Well-developed  industry foundation and existence of the basic industry with well-known companies:
HIP Petrohemija, NIS Gazpromnjeft – oil derivatives
HIP Petrohemija – production of petrochemical products, raw         materials and chemicals
HIP Azotara – artificial fertilizers
MESSER Tehnogas – gas
– Many of the companies located in the South Industrial zone (NIS, HIP Petrohemija, HIP Azotara)


Logistics Center

Main advantages:
– Belgrade proximity – 15 km, while having lower costs of doing business
– 2 rivers running through the city: Danube, Tamis
– International port Danube Pancevo – final upstream port on the river Danube that can dock boats up to 5,000 t capacity under all water level conditions
– Crossroads of Corridors 7 & 10
– Developed processing industry

Investment opportunities:
– Logistics Center development – Greenfield location in the South part of the city – close proximity to Danube port and Azotara’s canal


Metal Processing

Main advantages:
– Tradition in metal processing sector spanning more than 75 years
– Aircraft factory “UTVA-Pancevo“ established in the 1940’s – as a workforce creator of many successful companies in the sector
– Existence of high-school programs in Pancevo related to metal processing industry needs: metal processing operator, machine tech, electro-tech of process management, etc.
– In the employment structure, the highest number of employed workforce is in the metal processing industry
– Well developed network of potential local suppliers
– Prominent companies in the sector: UTVA-avioni, UTVA-Milan Premasunac Kacarevo, Tehnomarket