Electric power company: “Elektrodistribucija” – Pancevo

– The power network capacity is not fully exploited and new, big scale users can be connected to it.

– For big scale users, the nearest 110/20kV TSs require construction and equipment for the connection to the new location in the city.

– The highest available power capacity is 2MW in the city and 5MW in the villages.

Water and sewage PUC: JKP “Vodovod i kanalizacija”

– Maximum waterworks capacity is 15,000,000m3;

– Maximum sewage capacity is 7,000,000m3

– 5,200,000 m3 of faecal sewage is pumped back into the Danube

– In the city, 65% of water network users are also connected to the sewer network

– The villages are not connected to the city sewer system.

– Most industries are not connected to the city sewer system since they use large quantities of water and have their own sewage.

Natural gas company: “Srbijagas”

– The gas network covers a large part of the Pancevo territory

– High pressure gas pipelines come in from 6 directions

Telecommunications company: “Telekom Srbija”

– There are 49,900 active POTS telephone connections (80% connected to the digital exchange)

– There are 9.5% double telephone lines

– The MTS mobile telephone service fully covers the city territory, while the Telenor network also covers most of it

Waste PUC: JKP “Higijena”

– Collection of garbage, old things, household items and other refuse

– Pick-up of waste, like demolition debris

– Waste incineration, and other ways of disposal

– Waste pressing to reduce the bulk

– Disposal of waste into the landfill or water; covering with soil

– Disposal of litter from small street litter bins kept in public places

– Cleaning and washing of streets, walking paths and parking places

– Disposal of snow and ice from the pedestrian paths and salting and sanding of roads

– Emptying and cleaning up of septic tanks and maintenance of the fecal landfill

– Landfill maintenance and landscaping

A new landfill has been designed and constructed, of sufficient capacity to service 200,000 people, which makes it regional in character. Having in mind present population of Pancevo, the projected landfill life is 27 years.

European Union has financed a Feasibility Study for regional Pancevo-Opovo landfill.