1. A city with a clear vision: Strategic plan for 2014-2020;
  2. Exceptional strategic location for economic development: high-quality logistics with quick connections to corridors 7 & 10, with International port “Danube” Pancevo and proximity of two largest cities: Belgrade & Novi Sad;
  3. Educated and qualified workforce;
  4. Supplier support industry with a great number of SMEs;
  5. Pancevo holder of BFC SEE Certificate from 2015

Business Friendly Certification South East Europe (BFC SEE)  is  a unique program for improving the quality of services and information that municipalities in the SEE region offer to companies.


The City of Pančevo is located in South Vojvodina, at the confluence of the Tamiš and the Danube rivers, at the very edge of the Panonian Plain. It is the economic, cultural and administrative centre of South Banat and one of the most important industrial centres in the Republic of Serbia. Including its 10 surrounding villages, the city area covers 756 km2. Pančevo is just 18 km away from Belgrade and 40 km away form the Nikola Tesla International Airport. Its ethnically diverse population numbers 123,414 of which majority are Serb. 67% of them are working-age population and 10% are with college or university education which is well over the Republic average.The climate is exceptionally agreeable with the annual average of 12ºC.

Invest in pancevo



  • 18km away from the largest market and the capital of Serbia  –  Belgrade
  • At the junction corridors X and VII
  • Access to two rivers : the Danube, Tamis and Nadel, with the port on the Danube
  • Close to three major centers – Belgrade, Novi Sad and Timisoara, opens access to a market of over three million people
  • Agriculture area: cca  53,187 ha
  • Developed utility and road infrastructure
  • Highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • The long economic tradition as a symbol of reliability and success and diverse economic activity today
  • Greenfield northern area – 75 ha
  • Brownfield sites
  • Developed network of educational, health and social care
  • A rich cultural life and a host of sports and recreation
  • A nice place to live, learn, work, enjoy  and raise a family

Since the pan-European Corridors 7 and 10 run through this region, the city of Pančevo has an excellent strategic position. It has exceptional road and railway connections with Belgrade being on the regional route E70 (Belgrade-Pančevo-Vršac-Romania).

With 2 Transdanubia bridge (Zemun-Borca and Vinča-Stari grad) Pancevo city will be even more attractive for new investment.

Also, situated at the confluence of the Tamiš and the Danube rivers (on the Danube transversal of Corridor 7), LUKA DUNAV – the main port of Pančevo, adds to the attractiveness of the city in terms of business locations. The Port of Pančevo on the Danube is the most upstream port for river and seal vessels of maximum 5,000t load capacity, that can take in ships at any water level. The city’s infrastructure is very good, with 150km length of local roads and about 300 telephone lines per 1000 inhabitants.

Good business tradition

The city of Pančevo was first mentioned more than 850 years ago. Many of our business institutions have a very long tradition. Our first artisan guild was founded 215 years ago. The most renowned governor of the National Bank of Serbia was Djordje Weifert from Pančevo, and the oldest Balkan brewery was founded in 1722. Many industrial factories have a long continuous history like the Oil Refinery, Nitrogen Plant, Petrochemical Industry, Aircraft factory, Glassworks, textile and furniture industries dating back to the 20th century. Ever since 1905, Pančevo has been a town of various state fairs, and has the oldest airport in the Balkans.

Strong economic potential

The most important economic branches in our city are crude oil processing, production of plastic masses (HIP Petrochemical Complex), fertilizers (Nitrogen Plant), textile and fashion industry and agriculture.

Direct foreign investments

A new package of economic reforms as well as border with EU have established a favourable environment for growing interest of potential investor.