One of the important activities on the project was the one-day training for technical staff. Zoran Bozanic, Technical manager of the project presented the whole heating system and domestic hot water system in Pancevo and the way the collectors system  will be incorporated to the existing one. Five technical personal from PUC “Heating” Pancevo were present at the training while from Lugoj came the director of PUC „Meridian 22 С.А.“,in which jurisdiction are service of  water, sewage and transport, main engineer and chief  for investments of the Municipality of Lugoj and two members of the project team, which are of technical vocation.

Colleagues from Lugoj were impressed with the degree of automatization of the system and the regulation frequency in the heating plant in Pancevo. It was interesting to them that our system of collectors will be centralized in the form of a field, unlike their technical solutions which propose the installment  of collectors on individual buildings.

Zoran Bozanic presentation

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