The final conference of the project “Banatsko the sun for all- a pilot project for the promotion and implementation of solar energy for water heating”, was held on Thursday, 22
of December 2016, in the City Hall of Pancevo. This project is implemented by City of Pancevo in partnership with the Romanian municipality of Lugoj, funded by the European Union IPA cross-border cooperation between Romania and Serbia.

The conference audience was addressed by the Mayor of Pancevo Sasa Pavlov, Deputy President of Lugoj Municipality Kristijan Galeski and project manager, director of the PUC “Heating” Sandra Bozic.

Mayor Saša Pavlov stressed that this is the first project of the City of Pancevo in the field of renewable energy sources of such magnitude and the first project in Serbia from IPA funds worth nearly one million euros, which received funding for this purpose.

I would point out how important the rational use of energy and achieving sustainable development and the achievement of international standards in the field of energy efficiency. City of Pancevo is continuously working on the promotion and protection of the environment and is very glad that we, through this project, modernization and improvement of the heating system made significant steps on that path, because it increasing the level of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources is one of strategic priorities of the City Pancevo, said the mayor.

Pavlov thanked partners from Romania and employees of the PUC “Heating”, thanks to whom everything that was planned, was completed in a double shorter period than originally foreseen, due to the fact that the project was activated from the reserve waiting list, changing conditions of the contracts by donators, the project implementation period was reduced from 24 months to 12 months.

The mayor said the European funds, ie. funds from the IPA CBC Programme are an excellent source of financing for projects of strategic importance and expressed confidence that the City will continue in this way to strengthen neighborly ties with Romania, while announcing the start of the implementation of another joint project in this field.

It gives me great satisfaction that the City of Pancevo, this time with the city Rešice as Lead Partner, will implement another project in this strategic area, which is the project of improving insulation and heating and cooling system at the Sports Hall in Pancevo.

Deputy President of Lugoj Municipality, Kristijan Galeski said that the Municipality of Lugoj give technical support for the seven buildings that will be in the system of renewable energy sources – four kindergartens, sports halls, public kitchen and home for the elderly.

This is the first project on which Lugoj and Pancevo to worked together, our cooperation was extremely well and I am sure that we will cooperate in the future, also based on these common European funds, said Galeski.

Sandra Bozic, Project Manager, spoke about the importance of and experience on the project.

The project is in the stage of completion, the rest are just basic connections and up to 31.12. we will have implemented the project “Banat the sun for all”. The main objective of this project is to decrease carbon dioxide emissions, which the European Union through its funds propagates through the environmental protection. What matters to us as the public utility company is that we have satisfied customers and I’m sure we will in the up coming period get better domestic hot water at Kotez 2 for about 2,000 users and get a continuity which we have not had until now, and most importantly, get back customers that we no longer have, said the director of the PUC “Heating”.

Then the PR manager of the project Angela Vila, spoke about the results achieved, presented all of the implemented activities which took place in Pancevo, Lugoj as well as in other municipalities in the Banat region. She stressed the importance fo promotion of solar energy use, renewable energy and energy efficiency, which was her main role on the project team.

The new project which was approved for financing on the Program Interreg IPA cross border cooperation Romania-Serbia is „Energy efficiency- A premise for better environment in the cross border region Romania-Republic of Serbia“. I am proud to say that I was part of a small team which wrote this project and that we received a high score of 90.5. This project will contribute to energy efficiency of a sports hall building in Pancevo, with total value of project for the City of Pancevo 792.776,25E, said Andjela Vila.

MSc. Electric Engineer Bojan Grujički presented the Viessmann technology installed, indicated that there shouldn’t be any doupt that this is the first of such size solar collector system in the region and that the durability of the collectors shouldn’t be questioned, since they are resistant to all atmospheric influences. Msc. Mechanical Engineer, Nenad Dojčinović spoke about the importance of energy efficiency and the renewable energy sources mother nature gave us.

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