On Friday, November 15, 2019, a Contract was signed for alienation of construction land in public ownership of the Republic of Serbia, between the Republic Property Directorate and German company BROSE. This company plans to carry out an investment project of importance to the Republic of Serbia, in Pančevo North Industrial Zone, which involves over 180 million EUR investment.

The investment project will be carried out on a 23 ha plot, and will involve construction of a plant for production of steering wheel drives, electrical oil pumps and ventilator motors. BROSE also plans to set up departments for research &development and sales. The project will provide 1100 new work places.
Mr Saša Pavlov, Mayor of Pančevo, said:

– “It is a great day for the Republic of Serbia and a glorious day for the City of Pančevo and all our citizens. Arrival of such a company – a leader in the sector of mechatronics and manufacture of car components – is of exceptional importance, because this is a capital-intensive investment of over 180 million EUR involving new technology, new machines, which will open 1100 work places with above average salaries. A company which plans to open a research and development center has come to stay. This means better education and more jobs for our young people, revival of our small and middle-sized local companies who can form reliable chains of supply for big investors like BROSE. This means better life for the citizens of Pančevo, more income for improvement of communal infrastructure and communal services, boom of residential housing and hospitality sectors. I am personally very happy today and wish to express great gratitude primarily to the President of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Government for leading responsible state politics and creating a business friendly environment which has improved our international economic reputation and brought leader companies like ZF and BROSE to Serbia.

Mr Niklas Beyes, Director of BROSE for Serbia, said:

– We are very happy to be here today. BROSE company operates over 100 years and employs over 26,000 people working in 64 plants in 24 different countries. We specialize in mechatronic elements, seat elements and car components, and we wish to expand our production in the plant here in Serbia to car drive components as well. We will begin by building a plant of 50,000m2. By 2026 we plan to employ 1100 people here, some of which will be employed in the research and development centre. As you can imagine, Serbia was in competition for this investment with many countries, but it was easy for us to decide for Serbia because from the very start we had great cooperation and excellent reception not only by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Serbian Development Agency, but also the local government and administration, so it was an easy decision. Excellent reasons were also proximity of the university centres. You have excellent technical universities from which we can recruit engineering staff. Also, Pančevo was a good choice because of its industrial background. Pančevo understands industrial production and we felt from the start that this is a vivid, alert city, with business sector that can support our activities and provide good cooperative pool. All our communication ran smoothly on all levels and it was easy for us to decide for Pančevo. We are very ambitious and wish to set up the plant and move equipment into our new facility by November 2020. In January 2021 we plan to produce the first car component and reach full manufacturing capacity by August. Judging by the cooperation so far, I am absolutely convinced that we can fulfill these goals to mutual satisfaction.

Mrs Neveka Zeljković, from the Republic Property Directorate, also expressed great satisfaction that the Republic Property Directorate was participant in this exceptional project of the Republic of Serbia and the City of Pančevo, whose realization will contribute to the development of the City of Pančevo as well as the development of Serbia.