On 25.04.2019, a contract was signed about alienation of the construction land on the Cadastre plot 9416/25 of the Pančevo Cadastre Municipality, between the City of Pančevo and the company ZF Serbia d.o.o., Pančevo.

On behalf of the City, the contract was signed by Saša Pavlov, Mayor, and on behalf of the German company ZF Friedrichshafen AG, it was signed by Milan Grujić, Manager of the company ZF Serbia d.o.o., Pančevo. This contract allows for continuation of activities on obtaining the building permit for construction of the second phase of investment of this company in the North Industrial Zone in Pančevo.

The second phase involves building of a production facility of 29500m2, building of a research and development centre of 5000m2, and opening of a minimum of 460 new work places.