The workshop for experience exchange and presentation of best practices in local policies was organized by the Lead Beneficiary, Municipality of Resita, on the 31st of July and 1st of August, 2018. 20 decision makers concerning energy efficiency projects and investments, from Pancevo and Resita, met to see and hear what has Resita done so far in this domain. Partners from Resita presented all projects which are currently in implementation, as well as the ones they have submitted as proposals for financing.

Participants from City of Pancevo, had the opportunity to hear regulations, on the topic of energy efficiency, which are in force in Romania for over 10 years, do to their membership in the EU. Also, they presented all the EU states member funds available to them, for energy efficiency and other types of investments.

All participants visited sites of investments in Resita, as well as the building of the swimming pool where the investment on this joint project will take place.