As the name says, the project “Banat the sun 4 an all-Pilot project for the promotion and implementation of solar energy to water heating,” promotion of solar energy use is one of the important activities of the project.

Specialized vehicle with the mounted solar systems for water heating is presented in three high schools in the South Banat region, in Gimnazija “Mihajlo Pupin” in Kovacica, in High school “Vasa Pelagic” in Kovin and Mechanical High School in Pancevo.

In all three schools, Angel Vila, PR manager of the project presented the project and pointed out to the present children and teachers that they have the possibility to put their ideas into such projects and seek funding with EU funds, particularly in cross-border cooperation where they can work together with schools in Romania with which they already have cooperation.

Vladimir Marinkovic, an electrical engineer from JKP “Heating” demonstrated how the system works solar collectors for water heating and given reasons why they proposed such a system for funding.

Gimnazija „Mihajlo Pupin“ Kovacica

_dsc0936      kovacica

High School „Vasa Pelagic“

_dsc0974      _dsc0968

Mechanical High School Pancevo

pancevo-2      _dsc1001