The Opening conference was held in Resita, Romania on the 17.01.2018, to present the start of the implementation of the project “Energy Efficiency – The Premise of a Better Environment in the Cross-border Romania-Serbia Area”
Resita Municipality, as the Lead Beneficiary, is implementing this project in partnership with the City of Pancevo. The total budget of the project is €1.353.167 of which, the budget of City Pancevo is € 792.776, and the budget of the Municipality of Reita € 560,39. Overall objective of the project is contribution
to energy efficiency using renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Mayor of Resita, Ioan Popa, presented the project and explained that the goal of the project will be achieved through investments in facilities on both sides of the border, as well as several promotional and educational activities on the topic of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.
City Manager of Pancevo, Maja Vitman emphasized the importance of this project as the first infrastructure project of the city of Pancevo financed by the Interreg IPA CBC Program. On this occasion, she called on the Municipality of Resita, in the future, to materialize the multiannual status of the sister
cities through several approved projects in order to achieve concrete results.

The project manager, Rares Gantolea, presented the indoor swimming pool facility in Resita, where solar panels for hot water heating will be installed.
Project Manager Assistant , Andjela Vila, presented works on the building of the sports hall in Pancevo
which will improve the heating and cooling system, insulate the facade and the roof and replace the joinery.